Is this film a useful educational resource for college students learning about the history of the United States during the period it covers? Why or why not?

Each review should answer the following question: Is this film a useful for college students learning about the history of the United States during the period it covers? Why or why not? In your answer, critically analyze the film’s interpretation of events (does it represent its subject in a fair and accurate way?) as well as its aesthetic qualities (is watching it an enjoyable experience?). You do not need to provide citations or a Works Cited page, but do include the full name of the film, the director, the production company, and the year of release. Your review should summarize the main topics of the film and provide evidence from the most relevant scenes to support your thesis about whether or not the film is a useful educational resource.Each film review should be at least 1,000 words (4-5 pages), written in Microsoft Word in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with a header in the upper lefthand corner of the first page listing your first and las

Choose one of the following films for Film Review #1 (all films available on the Alexander Street streaming : Progressives, Populists, and Reform in America, 1890-1917 (Guidance Associates, 1976) Children of Labor: A Finish-American History (Documentary Educational Resources, 1977) Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice (California Newsreel 1989) The House That Jane Built (Cinema Guild 1990) The Prohibition Years (A & E, 1993) Thomas A. Edison: Father of Invention (A & E Television Networks, 1996) The Geography of Hope (PBS 1996) W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography in 4 Voices (California Newsreel, 1996) Ken Burns’ The West 7 or 8 (PBS 1996) The Great Tribes (A & E 1997) The Spanish-American War (A&E 1998) Yearning to Breathe Free (PBS 2003) America Becomes a World Power (Media Rich Communications, 2004) Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy’s Ride to the White House (Janson Media 2011) The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, Episode 3 or 4 (PBS 2013) Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy that Shaped a Nation, Episode 1 (PBS 2013) The Sand Creek Massacre (American Public Television, 2014) The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 (PBS 2014) The Gilded Age (PBS 2018) The Great War, Parts 1 OR 2 (PBS 2018) The Chinese Exclusion Act (PBS 2018) Reconstruction, Parts 1-2 (PBS 2019) One Woman, One Vote (PBS 2020)