Individual Strategic Plan Project

Bus 450 – Business Strategy

Individual Strategic Plan Project


The semester Individual project will consist of strategic plan that each will develop for an assigned company. Students will submit a finished plan in WORD and EXCEL (for financials) for the various sections of the plan. The plan will count toward 30% of final grade.

The plan is to be double spaced and a minimum of 20 pages total.

Strategic Plan Outline

  1. Introduction/Executive Summary (Due 3/31/22) – 1 Page
  2. Situation Analysis (use of 3-5 analysis tools – PESTLE, Value Chain, Five forces, SWOT  (etc.) (Due 3/1/22) – 5+ Pages plus sources
    1. Comprehensive review of the external environment
    1. Comprehensive analysis of the internal organization

Note: Students should read, use and cite Michael Porter’s HBR “The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy” for this section.

  1. Mission and Vision (Must be your own – based on the research you completed and not the company’s existing M&V) (Due 3/22/22) – 1 Page
    1. Five to Seven Strategies and Tactics based on the above analysis (below is not an exhaustive list – need to tailor to your company and industry) (Due 3/22/22) – 5+ Pages
    1. Business level
    1. Competitive dynamics
    1. Corporate level
    1. Mergers and Acquisitions
    1. International (if applicable)
    1. Cooperative/Alliances, etc.
  2. Based on your strategies, develop three specific recommendations to gain sustainable competitive advantage and achieve long-term performance
    and back up by facts. (Due 3/22/22) – 2+ Pages
  • Strategy Implementation impact on: (Due 3/31/22) – 2+ Pages
    • Corporate Governance
    • Organizational Structure and Controls
  • Core Action Plans and timing (how will you implement the strategies and tactics and timing)? (Due 3/31/22) – 2+ Pages
  • Measurement – What is your specific plan to measure the success of your and tactics? (Due 3/31/22) – 2+ Pages
  • Appendices and bibliography (Due 3/31/22) –

For these analyses and recommendations, students should apply the concepts and frameworks covered in this course. Your analyses and recommendations should be specific, substantiated with data, executable, and logically coherent.