In-Depth Semester Report (one/semester)

In-Depth Semester Report (one/semester)

Three (3) pages of Summary (Times Roman 11 Font Size with single space) Please select one country you did not select for your individual cultural .

· Geography

· In-depth History (Historical, current political, economic, cultural background)

· In-depth country’s major foods & beverages (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

· Traditional holidays or special events (wedding, birthday, or funeral foods)

· One Menu recipe (4 servings)- add the reference at the end

· Introduce 5 local restaurants where the menu item is available (Restaurant Names, Address, Phone Number, Price of the item, & Yelp Review Summary)

· References

Report Format: Only use Microsoft Word program for the above (Times Roman 12 points, & Single Space) Due by 8/13, Friday 11:59 PM