Imbedding a Standardized Depression Screening tool into the Electronic Health Records

Stakeholder Register

Project Name Imbedding a Standardized Depression Screening tool into the Electronic Health Records Date Created 4/12/2010
Product / Application Electronic Health Record Date Last Modified 4/20/2021
Author Rita Dexter
Project Summary The project aims at modifying the clinic’s current Electronic health record to improve depression screening and monitoring by providing continuity of care and avoid patient’s falling through the cracks Project Goals: 1, All practitioners will utilize the same depression screening tool 2, All Practitioners will be able to able to access patient’s previous visits for continuity of care  

Stakeholder Register

Name Department / Company Role Expectations Influence / Interest / Involvement Impact / Importance / Power Stake-holder Category
Top management Human resource Oversee patient care, accounting, lead marketing efforts, make policy decisions.
Executing company’s in-depth plans
Directing the strategy and development of the organization. Low Low Other players (monitor)  
Chief Financial Officer Executive department  Managing the clinic’s finances and analysis of data. CFOs are a part of company’s governing body and is consulted in various issues that pertains to financial management. Reflect the changing expectations of leadership in the clinical setting High Low Affected players (Keep informed)
Chief Medical Officers Executive department Oversee effective management of medical clinic. CMO evaluates the clinical data and in oversee interpreting tests for patients Ensuring clinic’s expenditure within the budget, hiring and training healthcare physicians High High Important players (Keep satisfied)
Other Clinicians;Therapists,NPs,Social workers     Clinical department Collecting taxes and investing these taxes back to the society Setting achievable tax collection policies. Ensuring the project is socially responsible High High Important players (Keep satisfied)

Stakeholder Grid



Important Players (Keep satisfied) Chief Medical Officer                 Impact  
                Key players: (Manage closely) Other Clinicians  
                Low   Other players (Monitor) Human Resource                             Affected players (Keep informed) Chief financial officers

Professor Feedback

You have a good start. However, you are missing a few stakeholders and the roles/expectations should be specific to the project (not the company). Who from the software company would you work with? (You will need to collaborate with the software company to modify your EHR) Who from the IT department will work with the software company to integrate the new tool into the EHR? Will you need to educate or train the end-users? If so, who will do this? Project Manager (you) – what is the role and expectation of the PM? I am not very clear on what role and expectations HR Management would have in integrating a new assessment tool in the EHR. So unless they have a specific role in the project, they would not be considered a stakeholder As you move on in this project, you will need to refine your list of stakeholders, identify their roles in the project (not the organization), and what do you as the PM expect them to do or produce for this project.