Ideological Analysis Essay


ideological analysis:

In chapter 8, Foss notes that rhetorical typically includes ideological content regardless of the presumed subject matter of the discourse.

For this assignment, select and read ONE of the following essays: “Memory and Myth at the Buffalo Bill Museum” (p. 253) or “Cyber Ideology” (p. 273)

Then write a 1.5 – 2 page essay in which you: [1] discuss the artifact’s ideological content as presented by the writer [2] analyze, from your own perspective, the possible effects of that ideological content on an audience.

Metaphoric analysis

In Chapter 9: Metaphoric Criticism, Foss notes that metaphors consist of a tenor and a vehicle.

For this assignment, read: Marla Kanengeiter-Wildeson’s “Architectural Metaphor as Subversion: The Portland Building” (p. 310)

Then write a 1.5 – 2 page essay in which you:

Select two metaphors from the essay and [1] identify the tenor and the vehicle for each metaphor and [2] explain how the metaphor functions rhetorically—i.e., how it recommends a particular attitude to the audience.

Narrative analysis:

In Chapter 10, Foss notes that represent events or situations in a time sequence.

For this assignment, read the following essay:

Hollihan and Riley’s “The Rhetorical Power of a Compelling Story” located here

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Then write a 1.5 – 2 page essay in which you:

Discuss the story that Toughlove tells. Include of the time sequence of events or situations manifest or implied in the artifact according to the critic. You are also welcome to add in your own narrative observations about the group’s narrative elements.