Identify three benefits, to Siemens, of its in-depth training and development of employees

Please complete the tasks below:

Task 1: Please read the attached Siemens case study, entitled “Training & Development as a Strategy

for Growth” and then complete the following tasks:

1) Identify three benefits, to Siemens, of its in-depth training and development of employees.


2) Explain how an appraisal system can help motivate employees. (30p)

Task II (Complete 1 of the tasks below)

a. Choose one training method (i.e., simulations, classroom instruction, team building or other),

describe it supporting with examples and discuss its benefits and shortcomings. (30p)

b. Choose one selection method (i.e. interviews, assessment centers, tests etc.) describe it supporting

with examples and discuss its benefits and shortcomings. (30p)


• Word count: 1500 words

• Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total word count.

• Font: Arial 12 pts.

• Text alignment: Justified.

• The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Via Moodle (Turnitin).

Learning Outcomes

To express critical thinking and understanding across essential components of Human Resources,

including the hiring process, training, and career development.

Proposed approach towards the task completion:

A. Case Study


– Define training, development, and appraisal systems briefly.

– Introduce the company in a few sentences.


– Identify 3 benefits of the Siemens training and development programs. Justify

your answer.

– Discuss how through implementing an appraisal system companies can motivate

their employees to be more productive. Justify your answers.


– Conclude your discussion by putting yourself in the shoes of a future manager

and stating your opinion on the importance of training, development, and

employee evaluation in organizations.

B. Choose ONE of the given topics ONLY


– Introduce the chosen topic by providing definitions, depending on your choice

(i.e. what is meant by selection/training, what types of methods do companies


– State why these practices (training or selection) are important for organizations


– Conduct ample research on your topic (use legitimate sources: i.e., books and

scientific articles)

– Discuss, in detail, the characteristics of the chosen training/selection method.

– Identify their benefits and drawbacks (discuss in detail).

– Which ones would you apply in your company of choice, as an HR manager and



– Summarize your findings with a brief conclusion.


– Does my assignment have a cover page with a title, name, and date?

– Does it entail all the key elements listed above?

– Is the topic well researched and case well analyzed? Did I use at least 3 credible sources

(please note Wikipedia is not a credible source, neither are any documents, whose authorship

cannot be verified (i.e. random blogs). Use official HR textbooks, organizations such as the

SHRM, scientific, peer- reviewed articles etc.

– Is the similarity within the acceptable 8% limit?

– Did I include a complete bibliography? Internal citations?

– Did I proof-read? Are the spelling and grammar correct?

– Did I respect the word-count? (+/- 10%)

If you have ticked all the points above you are ready to submit!

All of the above points will be considered in the grading process, please note that writing and

reporting (the last 4 points) are worth 10%, so do not neglect them.