Human Dynamics, Development, and Systems

Human Dynamics, Development, and Systems

This week we conclude the first half of our course. The week ahead addresses cultural norms within the organization. A culture can change by individual, team, group, department, industry, and organization. A single individual can alter the culture and attitude of an organization. The shift in CEO or leadership can alter the course of the company. The naysayer in the office or the perky person that will invest in and care about everyone impacts the environment. The individual that keeps to themselves and the individual that believes something different from the majority also impact the workplace environment. All these situations can alter your organizational culture.

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Assignment – Cohesive response

Peter Senge is a world-renowned author whose book, The Fifth Discipline received numerous honors.

In 1997, Harvard Business Review identified the book as one of the most influential management books of the past 75 years. 

When finished viewing the clip, share your thoughts on his message in a “Cohesive ” classmates.    (3:11)

· What did you think about what he had to say?

· What surprised you?

· What disappointed you?

· What tools can you use moving forward?

· APA citing

· No plagiarism

· 4-5 paragraphs