How would you define marketing (in your own words) and what are the 4P’s?

A. A 200-250 word response to these questions:

1). How would you define (in your own words) and what are the 4P’s?

2). Think of a company you like. It might be a place you work or a restaurant you frequent. It might be a brand that you use when you engage in your favorite hobby or activities, or a favorite soda or cereal.

3). Research the Internet for information about the company and its brand or product.

4). Discuss how the components of the marketing mix – product, price, promotion and place (also known as distribution) – relate to what you know about this company’s brand or product. This is not a history of the company, but an analysis of how these marketing concepts apply.

5). Include citations if appropriate, either from a website on marketing (or our text) and/or from the company’s website.

B. A response of 200-250 words that addresses the following questions:

  1. Which part of the marketing mix do you think has changed the most in recent years and why?
  2. Which of the elements do you believe presents the biggest challenges to modern day marketers?
    Your answers should contain citation(s) from the text or another source(s) supporting your assertions.
  3. Give examples of successful marketing strategies and explain why they work.


A 200-250 word response to this question:

How does the information contained in the video relate to some of the parts of the plan that you are required to complete?


Marketing communications requires planning and a clearly defined message.  

Imagine that you are an account executive for a social media company. Your client is Bowie State University.  How would you use social media to reach your target audience (teens ages 16-18) living within 20 miles of BSU?

What message are you trying to communicate to the target audience in your ? 

What promotional tools would you use to get your message to the consumer? Explain your choice.