How does the song capture or express what was happening the year it came out?

  • Thursday, May 13.  Absolutely no late projects will be accepted. (Post as early as possible so that any issues can be addressed before it’s too late.)


Choose a song from that is at least 25 years old.   This means the song can be from any year from 1840 through 1996.  Make a presentation that explores the song’s creation, history, and/or significance.  You can whatever you wish, but here are some questions to guide you:

  • How does the song capture or express what was happening the year it came out?
  • Does the song have personal value to you?
  • Does the song have a contemporary counterpart?
  • In what ways is it catchy, emotional, or inspiring?
  • What makes it stand the test of time?
  • Is it humorous or offensive in any way?
  • How did the song impact the artist’s career?
  • Could the song provide comfort or inspiration today?

Your presentation can utilize PowerPoint or Prezi; it can include a voiceover, but this is optional.  (If there is another presentation platform that is comparable to these, you can use it, but do a test run to make sure it’s compatible with Eagle Online/Canvas first).  Your presentation should have good , and text written by you.  You don’t have to do a complex, elaborate presentation, but use your own words and be insightful; don’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia or other websites. Offer your own perspective to keep things engaging. 


  • Your presentation should contain at least five slides and 500 words. 
  • You’ll have to do some research on your chosen song. Make sure to list the sources you pull from at the end of your presentation to avoid .
  • No peer response is required for this assignment.