How does each commentator link vision to the change?

Organizational Change

Locate one journal article that discusses vision in relation to specific companies going through organizational change. The change could be growth, decline, or some form of restructuring. Provide a complete of the article.

  • How does each commentator link vision to the change?
  • Is vision an explanatory variable for understanding why a change succeeded or failed?
  • How would you rate the tone of the article in relation to vision: positive, neutral, or negative?
  • What overall message would a reader receive about vision after reading the ?
  • How influential do you think such articles are on the managers who read them

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Be, and be recognized as, the best consumer products and services company in the world.

The vision of any particular organizations is indications of the desire by the organization to reach some specific goals. The vision of the organizations will influence decision making and even . Most organizations will weigh their success by looking at how best they have been able to achieve their visions or if they are in the right tract in achieving the laid out visions. In this regard, it is important that an organization comes up visions that are within their reach. Visions that is easily achievable using available resources without straining.

Most articles that are available online that discus companies undergoing organizational change seem to imply that most of the changes are occasioned by vision. Te vision…………………