Health Care Delivery Navigate 2 Scenario: Financial Issues

Health Care Delivery
Navigate 2 Scenario: Financial Issues
April 5, 2018 1
Financial Issues
Bright Road is experiencing financial problems. There are insurers with late
payments, Medicare fees due to patient readmission within 30 days, high staff turnover, and low
admissions to its obstetrics service. The Chief Administrative Officer is very concerned because he knows
this reflects on him and may affect his job. You are a financial consultant and will work with Bright Road
Health Care System staff members to review and analyze how operations in the Health Care System
negatively affect its finances. Based on this information, you will make recommendations for changes.
1. Tanya Morales, Student’s Mentor
2. Joan Fairbanks, Geriatric Care Physician (email only)
3. Dr. Tiffany Halpert, Chief of Medical Staff
4. Kevin Stewart, Marketing Director
5. Ken Bloom, Chief Nursing Officer
1. Student’s Office
2. Hospital Conference Room
3. Tanya’s Office
4. Chief of Medical Staff’s OfficeHealth Care Delivery
Navigate 2 Scenario: Financial Issues
April 5, 2018 2
Scene 1: Meeting with
In this scene, the Student meets with their mentor, Tanya Morales. Tanya explains the situation and asks
for the student to gather information and then make a recommendation to the Board for changes.
Location Student’s Office
Scene setup Tanya is sitting across the desk from the student.
On-screen characters Tanya Morales
Off-screen characters None
On-screen text: First thing today, you meet with your team lead and Bright Road financial consultant,
Tanya Morales.
TANYA Good morning! Are you ready for a challenge today?
STUDENT I’m always ready.
TANYA Okay, here’s the situation. Bright Road has found itself in a financial predicament. We
need to find out the cause and then make recommendations to their Chief
Administrative Officer within a week.
Student must click correct option to proceed.
So, is this something your CFO has asked us to look into?
Can you let me know the specific areas of trouble?
This is a tall order. I hope you’ll have my back on this one.
TANYA RESPONSE 1 Naturally the CFO is concerned, but she’s not panicking yet. Ronald Baxter, the
Chief Adminstrative Officer, is actually the one who called us in on this one. He
thinks there are weak spots in the operations of key areas in the hospital that
are causing the financial troubles, and, if they aren’t addressed quickly, fingers
will start pointing at him.
Response 1 kicks the Student back to .