HCA 410 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Paragon Home Care Discussion

HCA 410 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Paragon Home Care Discussion

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Prior to your first post, explore a long-term care organization in your community via their website. Assess the website for the organization’s mission and vision. Gather data from the website which speaks to product, price, place and the types of promotion used by the organization (advertising, community involvement, public relations, etc).

1. In your initial post, describe the organization that you have researched, defining their marketing mix and strategy as gathered from their website. Please close your initial post with your opinion on current marketing in long-term care as well as your thoughts on what percent of the operating budget should be spent on marketing and how as a manager, you would message its effectiveness. (~300+ Words)

2. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts providing feedback on their marketing assessments and resulting opinions. (~100+ words each)

Please use this website for this discussion.

Student 1:

Hello Class,

The facility I have selected to discuss is the Long Term Care Ombudsman located in Northern Virginia outside Washington, DC. It is located in high-end neighborhoods in Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Arlington, Loudon, and Alexandria) and the most reputable long-term care facility in the area. This facility is one of the best LTCs in the country and it cares for former high-ranking government or corporate officials from Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Mission: As premier providers, we provide exceptional care for those who cared for us.

Vision: Innovatively changing long term care delivery across the country.

Core Values: Professionalism, excellence, teamwork, and dedication.

Financial Assistance. It is the policy of the facility to provide financial assessment to unfunded or uninsured patients seeking financial assistance. Unfunded patients are interviewed for a potential funding source including federal, state, county and/or charity care. The facility follows the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify patients for charity. Patients who are potentially eligible for charity care and reside in Northern Virginia are required to complete an interview and sign the facility charity care and grant programs application.

A patient’s financial benefits and classification is determined by:

  1. Evidence that patient lived in county and citizenship status.
  2. Provide documentation on the size of family.
  3. Provide proof of family gross income to determine eligibility of Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  4. Determination is made using a sliding fee scale based on income and current Federal Poverty Guidelines up to 300 percent.

Marketing. As the facility endeavors to stay atop of competition and remain the vanguard in providing long term care to residents of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, marketing is the methodology to create the possibility. It is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Market process is facilitated through the product, pricing, place, and promotion commonly referred to as 4-Ps.

Product. The facility offers short and long term services that are designed to go above the basic needs of residents, including but not limited to nursing care with different units, rehabilitation, nutritional service, clinical support services comprising laboratory, x-rays, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

Pricing. The cost of care at long-term care at this facility is priced according to several factors. The room and board services desired by the resident, level of assistance required by the patient, and the kind of amenities desired. The average room at this facility is priced around $10K monthly with an average yearly cost about $100K.

Promotion. Advertising and public relations activities targets retirement-eligible government and corporate officials who are residents of Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. via flyers, newspapers ads, local radio, and television commercials.

Place. The facility is located four Northern Virginia cities of Fairfax, Alexandria, Loudon, and Arlington. According to the website, over 75% of residents of these facilities were residents of the DMV (Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia).
Social: The patients enjoy many activities, including bingo, field trips, on-site entertainment and group outings.


Student 2:

Hi Class,

The long-term care facility that I chose is Good Samaritan Health Care Center, A Regency Pacific Community and is located in central Washington State in the town of Yakima. Good Samaritan Health Care Center offers skilled nursing and long-term care services. They provide care to each individuals distinctive needs.

Their culture and values are that they strive to exceed are relationships, empower, service, passion, embrace, community, and trust. They believe that building strong relationships with residents, their family members, and healthcare providers delivers the highest level of care. They are empowered and encouraged to continually look for new and innovative ways to improve their services and care for their residents. They strive towards service excellence by creating an environment that enhances the lives of their residents, families, and employees. They are passionate about delivering the hugest level of patient-centered care and services to the residents they serve. They embrace every opportunity to impact life moments while recognizing the importance of partnering and building ties with the community. They ensure that trust is a fundamental component to building strong, successful relationships with residents, families, employees, and communities.

Their product is their services that include nursing, dietary, social services, therapy, and therapeutic recreation, memory care, retirement/independent living, assisted living, respite care as well as short-term recovery units that offer private or semi-private rooms. Residents have access to lots of amenities to help make their stay as comfortable as possible.

They are Medicare/Medicaid certified and also accept private pay as well as contracting with some insurance companies and Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s). There are no listed prices for this facility but upon more research, an article by Writer (2020) says, there are a lot of factors that affect the cost of nursing home care. Some of these factors include the provider you select for you loved one and any special considerations you select. Some facilities charge extra for services that fall beyond the basic housekeeping, food and housing expenses. These expenses could include fees for memory care, speech therapy, physical therapy and so on. Other facilities are all-inclusive. When researching the average nursing home prices, families should also look for reviews on nursing homes, and any complaints that former residents have made. In doing so, they’ll be able to find good nursing homes at fair rates.

Good Samaritan is located in the beautiful Yakima Valley in Washington State. It is minutes away from local hospitals and medical clinics.

Types of promotion used by this organization include advertisement using many pictures of the facility and happy elderly people being helped and greeted by healthcare providers.

On average, anywhere between 5%-20% of the budget should go towards marketing although committing to more can be critical in creating a successful marketing plan. Social media would be a great way message effectiveness while also saving money. Commercials and web sites are extremely helpful for people doing research and needing detailed information about a specific facility.