GSU Health Care Delivery and Payment System Reforms in US Comparative Health Project

GSU Health Care Delivery and Payment System Reforms in US Comparative Health Project

Comparative Health Project Instructions


See rubric as well as instructions for more information regarding your submission. You will submit a 4-6-page paper that compares the United States to your assigned country ( Switzerland) Turnitin will be used within the submission portal to check for originality of your submitted work.

  • You will submit a 5 – 6 page paper (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins)
  • A maximum of two tables, graphs, and/or charts is permitted within the paper to illustrate the required information. Each table, graph, and/or chart must be clearly labeled, must be cited appropriately, and must be explained in the text.
  • Bibliography (MLA or APA format) that includes 2 – 4 resources used. At least 2 resources must come from peer reviewed journals (JAMA, Health Affairs, BMJ, etc).

Submission Criteria

You will be comparing your assigned country (Switzerland) to the United States. At a minimum, include the following headings and sub-headings to organize your :

  • Brief description of your country, including:
    • Geographic location, unique characteristics
    • Brief history describing how the country’s healthcare system developed. Include 3 – 4 major
  • Population data – at a minimum include:
    • Total population, male/female percentages, percent under 21 years of age, percent between 21 and 65 years of age and percent over 65 years of age.
    • Percent of population living in rural vs urban areas
  • Healthcare spending – at a minimum include:
    • Percent GDP spent on healthcare
    • Healthcare spending per capita
    • Other pertinent information that will help you see how much your country spends on healthcare and how that compares to the United States
  • Population health information – at a minimum include:
    • Percent of population that is obese (broken down into age categories)
    • Percent of population that are smokers
    • Infant mortality
    • Immunizations
    • Other pertinent information that will help you see how healthy a given country is compared to the United States
    • Population
    • Most recent data about percent of GDP spent on healthcare and healthcare spending per capita
  • Role of the government in providing healthcare and
    • Presence or absence of government in healthcare funding
    • Role of private insurance
    • Required benefits (compared to required benefits included in the Affordable Care Act – ACA)
  • Where is healthcare provided?
    • Description of hospitals – private vs public
    • Description of outpatient services
  • Role of healthcare technology and informatics
    • Are electronic health records (EHR) in use?
    • Is patient information shared between providers and healthcare facilities?
  • Access to care
    • How easy is it to see a healthcare provider on the same day or same week?
    • How long is the wait to see specialist providers?
    • How often are people denied care because they cannot pay?
  • Quality of care
    • Infection rates (in hospital)
    • Inpatient mortality
    • Care coordination
    • Readmission within 30 days of discharge

Explanation & Answer length: 5 pages