Get help Capella University UOS 5500 Unit 1

Get help Capella University UOS 5500 Unit 1. We provide assignment, homework, discussions and case studies help for all subjects Capella University for Session 2016-2017. UOS 5500 UNIT 1 1 Assessing Research Skills Resources Assessing Research Skills Scoring Guide. Information Skills Self-Assessment. Information Skills Reflection Worksheet. Courseroom Tour: Submit an Assignment. Courseroom Tour: Finding Grades and Feedback. Throughout your program, you will build and refine your research skills. At the master’s level, it will not be enough to simply state your opinion in your writing. Faculty will expect that you support the claims and arguments you make with quality, scholarly sources. As you reflected on in your Unit 1 discussion, you are already coming into your master’s or graduate certificate program with skills and strengths. As part of this assignment, you will assess your research and information literacy skills and identify both strengths and areas for growth. You will have an opportunity to review resources recommended specifically for you based upon your assessment results, and will then reflect on what you’ve learned from reviewing those resources. Assignment Instructions Step 1: Check the scoring guide. Open the Scoring Guide in the resources to see how this assignment will be graded. Step 2: Complete the assignment. Complete the Information Skills Self-Assessment. This self-assessment is linked in the resources. Review the information presented in the Identifying Scholarly Sources If additional resources were recommended for you, review at least one of the suggested resources. Open the Information Skills Reflection Worksheet provided in the resources and follow the directions to complete it. Save your completed worksheet as a Word document to your computer using the following title:u01a1_Your Name. Step 3: Submit your assignment. Attach your Word document to this assignment and submit it. To do that, complete the following: Click theu01a1 Unit 1 Assignment 1 In the assignment area, click Browse My Computer to locate and attach your document to this assignment. Click Submit. Step 4: Review your feedback. You will see an alert in your Course Updates when your assignment has been graded. To see your grade and instructor feedback, complete the following: ClickMy Grades. Click theGraded Click on the assignment and then open the scoring guide. Courseroom Tip: As you continue taking courses at Capella, it is important that you review instructor feedback on all assignments and discussions. This is a necessary part of your learning and improvement process. UOS 5500 UNIT 1 DISCUSSION 1 Strengthening Academic Skills When it comes to academic skills, you’re not starting from scratch. Your previous undergraduate experience has helped you build a foundation of academic skills to draw from as you begin working on assignments and discussions for master’s level courses. In this unit, you’ve also had an opportunity to explore resources related to important academic skill areas, such as writing, library research, critical thinking, and reading. We hope this process has allowed you to reflect on your strengths, gain awareness of opportunities for growth, and have a better sense of the support, tools, and resources provides to help facilitate your continued development. For this discussion, create and post a response that addresses each of the questions below. Your response should be two to three paragraphs in length. Identifying skills What academic skills do you feel are already strengths for you? As you take the next step in your education and commit to a deeper study of subject material, what academic skills do you anticipate spending additional time developing? Using the resources Which Capella resources can you utilize to support that development? Knowing that the resources will be valuable to you throughout your program, how will you make time outside of your coursework to revisit and use them? Growth mindset How might your mindset play a role in your learning and growth? To post your discussion, click u01d1 Unit 1, Discussion 1, and then click Create Thread. Response Guidelines After posting your response, you are encouraged to read what your fellow learners wrote and respond to at least one by sharing ideas or thoughts and recommending additional resources. UOS 5500 UNIT 1 QUIZ Question 1 If you have any questions related to policies such as when to drop a course, tuition refunds, or participation requirements, in which area of would you look? Question 2 20 out of 20 points Active participation in your courses is not only crucial to your success, it is also necessary for your continued enrollment in your courses. If you are inactive in a course for 28 consecutive days, you will be administratively withdrawn from the course due to your inactivity. Which of the following is not considered active participation necessary for continuing enrollment? Question 3 20 out of 20 points Which of the following pieces of information is true about the Faculty Expectations post in your course? Question 4 20 out of 20 points As an academic learner, your writing should contain: Question 5 20 out of 20 points When utilizing source material in your writing, you should limit your use of which of the following types of references: