Free Business & Corporate Law Essay Examples & Topics

Free Business & Corporate Law Essay Examples & Topics

Business law is a branch of law governing commercial relationships and dealings between people and legal entities. Studying it, you’re likely to write a paper on the related topic at some point. With this article, we’re striving to help you excel at your corporate & business law essay.

For starters, there are different types of business law. The first one is employment laws that deal with employee and employer relationships. Then, there are business formation and structures. They concern tax and federal laws, registration of intellectual property, etc. The last type is contract laws that govern business deals, sales, transactions, and employees’ non-disclosure agreements. One can say that contracts are the most critical area of business law.

In this article, you’ll find business law essay examples that will help you to nail this complicated assignment. Our experts have also combined tips on how to start such a paper. Additionally, we’ve included a list of business law essay topics so you can start right away.
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255 Best Essay Examples on Business & Corporate Law
Intelligence Budget Transparency Act
It is worth noting that the issue of budget transparency about the Intelligence Community is acute, and it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of whether it is worth supporting or rejecting the Intelligence […]

Pages: 2
Words: 300

Legalizing Sports Betting in the US
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sports betting, to compare the findings of three surveys regarding the topic, and to analyze the current situation and possible outcomes.

Pages: 3
Words: 817

The Law and Application of Corporate Sustainability in Saudi Arabia
The concept of corporate sustainability is escalating in Saudi Arabia. The researcher will review available literature to obtain preliminary information on the law and application of corporate sustainability in Saudi Arabia.

Pages: 3
Words: 866

Business Formation: Legal and Regulatory Issues
The main legal issues to be considered during the creation or modification of a business are as follows: Agreement process and ownership External compliance or government policy and regulations Therefore, it would be important to […]

Pages: 4
Words: 1024

Legal Process about Discrimination
Introduction “We are all different”. This motto has become almost ubiquitous in the modern world. However, this statement frequently gets twisted up and results in quite the contrary: discrimination. Nowadays it lies within the jurisdiction of the legal system. This paper is only devoted to the judicial procedures against discrimination at work (imagine the ordinary […]

Pages: 3
Words: 829

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The United Arab Emirates Competition Law
The competition law in the UAE is overseen by the UAE Cabinet and the Ministry of Economy. A minimum of 51% of the ownership of all the companies established in the UAE must belong to […]

Pages: 3
Words: 902

Solar System Panels Marketing Program’s Legal Implications
In this report, the focus is to identify the key marketing law issues in the case that the management should address before rolling out the program to the market.

Pages: 4
Words: 1141

United States Judicial System Assessment
For this reason, the structures of businesses are termed as the foundations of how big the business will grow and expand over a certain period. Disadvantage is that one takes all the liabilities of the […]

Pages: 2
Words: 670

Human Rights Obligations of Multinational Corporations
The argument of whether it is valid to impose obligations on violation of human rights on MNCs calls to reason the minimum caliber MNCs should maintain in their obligations towards human rights.

Pages: 2
Words: 586

Big Dig Contractor Modern Continental Pleads Guilty
As a response to the charges filed the company Modern Continental pleaded guilty to the charges and was willing to pay for the damages caused due to their negligence.

Pages: 2
Words: 593

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Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. et al v. A10 Networks, Inc. et al
The case’s settlement was conducted functionally, the events of the case’s disposal were organized by the court prudentially, and operations of the Court had a reasonable and balanced basis.

Pages: 2
Words: 551

Family Medical Leave Act and it’s Effect on Organisational Policies
The family medical leave act protects the employee’s positions within the organization, and makes the positions available to the employees on return from the leave, with all benefits intact.

Pages: 2
Words: 708

Baderman Island’s Legal Options
The claims made by the CEO of Baderman Island involve a cyber tort that has culminated in online defamation Miller and Jentz.

Pages: 2
Words: 441

Free Enterprise Fund vs. Public Company Accounting Board
The argument was that any executive authority is bestowed on the president of the United States and lack of control from his office of the powers to the board is in deep contravention from the […]

Pages: 2
Words: 556

Bankruptcy Types and Their Application
According to chapter 7 of the U.S.constitution, the assets of an individual or a business unit can be liquidized to cater to the creditors.

Pages: 2
Words: 637

New Zealand Small Businesses and Compliance With Employment Legislation
The small business sector is heavily impinged by the enactment of the legislation and the cost that is associated with the compliance is disproportionate to their capability to pay.

Pages: 7
Words: 2086

Business Law. Robinson v. City of San Francisco
In the first case in this case study, “the Supreme Court granted a permanent restraining order by prohibiting the taking of part of the property and denying the plaintiffs relief to the part of property”.

Pages: 4
Words: 1191

Legal Environment of Business: Robinson v. City of San Francisco
At the Bench Trial, the Court passed a restraining order of the First part of the land but refused to provide the plaintiff with possession of the second part of the property.

Pages: 3
Words: 956

Business Formations Under Kuwait Law
In order to form a WLL Company in Kuwait, the following procedures are followed: An application is made and presented to the Director of Companies and Insurance whose office lies under the Ministry of Commerce […]

Pages: 8
Words: 2383

The Law Aspects of Legislative Requirements
It is therefore important for everyone to be acquainted with the laws and rules that govern the particular field of work that one is in. The common laws also stipulate that employers are to cater […]

Pages: 4
Words: 1101

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International Business Law: Uniform Commercial Code
Considered to be one of the longest and the most comprehensive acts that is uniform in nature, the code was jointly established by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American […]

Pages: 8
Words: 2310

International Business: Four Systems of Law and Quad
This law is based on the idea of equity and this law is flexible and can be changed in accordance to the need of the society and the nation.

Pages: 2
Words: 595

The Economic Stimulus Package and How It Effects the Credit Crisis
On the top of the list in priorities is the demand for organizations to distance themselves from the conductive method of the following direction to a more focused overall development of traditional business processes.

Pages: 3
Words: 913

Arbitration or Litigation: Discussion
For a customer of the law office, the goal is to return money for ball bearings and to diminish rumors of the opponent in defects having to be a reason for the trial.

Pages: 2
Words: 552

Legal Environment of Business Operation
X has the right of possession upon return, Y, the bailee voluntary accepts the offer of bailment, needs to take good care of the goods and have it returned to X upon completion of bailment.

Pages: 4
Words: 1970

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Impact of Law on Business
The employment contract sets forth the terms and obligations of the employer’s relationship with the employee. After signing the employment contract, the employee and employer are both bound under the terms of the contract.

Pages: 5
Words: 1598

Corporate Law. African & Middle Eastern Delights
A director of a company must not delegate any of the powers to another person except if the director is authorized to do so by the memorandum and the articles of association or by any […]

Pages: 9
Words: 2664

Academic Learning in Law: James and Percy Case
The statement made by the car salesman at the time of transaction therefore was a misrepresentation as he said that the car was in an excellent condition but this turned out to be untrue.

Pages: 9
Words: 2717

Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities
The contract entails the hiring of Span by the C-S to prepare banking software to be able to launch a competitive deal in the United States.

Pages: 5
Words: 1372

Law of Contract: Aspects of the Lease Issue
Manchester Citi Council, it was reaffirmed that although the Council may have not signed and delivered the documents, whereupon the customer had signed and delivered the documents for onward transmission to the buyer, the contract […]

Pages: 12
Words: 3154

Business Law. Minimizing Tort and Regulatory Risk
Torts do not profess to be criminal conduct, but could be termed as civil wrongs, since in most cases, motives are not intentional, but inadvertent in nature arising due to either accidental negligence, or absence […]

Pages: 2
Words: 472

Principles of Modern Company Law
Potomac Ltd will be liable for Rob’s act if the court decides that the separation of legal personality of the company and the members is not to be maintained.

Pages: 9
Words: 2667

Supreme Court and Local Governments
Unfortunately, the ruling on the property by the Supreme Court is characteristic of a regulated market. To preserve a free market and the right of property ownership, the ruling should be reviewed.

Pages: 1
Words: 416

Business Law: Important Business Law Acts
The fact that the new manager reinstated the man back to the job is a good sign that the company has adhered to the policy.

Pages: 4
Words: 1058