Formulate a research question

Criterion B – Investigating Bi Bii Biii Biv
Research Question(s): Formulate a research question or questions which will help to focus and guide your research. Potential sentence starters: To what extent …How successful …In what sense …   My Research Question(s):   To what extent is Germany an economically diverse country? To what extent could the automotive production of Germany help further diversify the UAE’s ?       Bi  
Justify the relevance of your research question: Why is your question suitable for the case study? How is your question relevant to our unit? (consider our unit concepts) What are your personal reasons for choosing this RQ and case study? What sources do you expect to use to answer your question?
ACTION PLAN     (ATL: Self-Management Skills – plan short & long-term assignments, meet deadlines) Consider planning the main stages of the investigation: brainstorming, , sources of information, making a works-cited section, self-editing, peer-editing, consulting with your teacher, etc. Add any additions or changes along the way in red   Bii
What are you doing? When will it be completed? How did it go?
Formulate a research question   I have picked a RQ but I am not 100% confident in it yet
Submission day    
• Record important facts (exact names, places, numbers, dates, terms) • Capture useful quotes • Organize your information (bullets, charts, arrows, highlighting) • Record source reference details
What success did I have in my research?What was a problem I faced along the way?How did I overcome that problem? What changes did I make along the way and why?What ATL skills did I learn/develop?What would I do differently next time?