For information about education on the Internet, a good place to start is Education Week on the Web

For information about education on the Internet, a good place to start is Education Week on the Web ( It contains weekly updates and news articles, Teacher Magazine online, and special reports of interest to policymakers, all of which are archived. The Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES ( has a host of links to other Internet sites concerned with K–12 education. They include U.S. government resources at the White House and the Department of Education (www.ed .gov/index.jhtml). For higher education resources, there are Web pages devoted to community colleges and traditional four-year institutions. The American Association of Community Colleges has a home page at that provides historical overviews of community colleges and brief statistical profiles of the institutions, students, and curricula. The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education ( promotes educational resources in the western states. The National Education Association (NEA), at, and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), at, both represent the interests of teachers and have Web pages targeted to their members. Both Web sites contain membership information such as model labor contracts, but they also look at debates on educational policy and provide links to other education sites. The National Parent Teachers Association (PTA) has its home page at, where researchers can find programs and publications related to policy questions. Reports on current topics such as national standards are available for downloading. The American Prospect ( has an online series on educational reform and computer technology, with articles and conference speeches. Under “Public Education,” People for the American Way ( features reports on school library censorship, efforts to introduce creationism in public schools, and opinion pieces on school voucher programs. On the conservative side of the spectrum is the Center for Education Reform (, which offers a sample of editorials and reports.