FN303: Essentials of Nutrition Essay

Assignment # 3&4  

Course Project Guidelines  

FN303: Essentials of Nutrition  


Esra Ogut  

Roula Barake  

Project Weight:   


Term: Spring 2021  

I. Introduction 

II. Learning Outcomes 

III. Project Files 

IV. Project Summary (Scenario)  

V. Deliverables & Project Management  

VI. Plagiarism 

VII. Marking Scheme 

I. Introduction 

The ability to read, critically assess and understand the different topics related to nutrition and health is essential while studying basic nutrition courses. With that purpose, the current project will aim to teach the students how to read, understand, paraphrase, conclude, summarize, and present the different nutrition and health-related topics.  

The project will consist of, composed of 3 members per group. Each group will be asked to read, understand, summarize and present the designated topic provided by the instructor. This semester, the related topics to be targeted focus on popular weight loss diets, their benefits, heath risks and side effects. Each group is required to explain the method of the given diet, to highlight the nutritional facts about the diet such as protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie intakes, to present and discuss the scientific literature regarding to the diet’s costs, benefits, and diet-related diseases and complete their discussion with clear conclusions. 

II. Learning Outcomes 

The project links to the following learning outcomes from the FN303 course, as described in the course syllabus: 

· Understand the role of nutrition to achieve optimal health 

· Be able to make smart nutritional choices to achieve and maintain a healthful body 

· 52562Have a basic knowledge of nutrients and food contaminants 

· Discuss current food regimes including fad diets, eating disorders and diet-related diseases 

· Carry out basic nutritional evaluation and  

III. Project Files 

Project description in its entirety will be available on Moodle, and it might be updated throughout the Semester, according to the Syllabus and/or students’ needs. Students will need to check the Project section on Moodle regularly.  

IV. Project Summary (SCENARIO) 


Rationale:   Cardio-vascular and metabolic diseases and cancer are the most common reason of death in the world. Obesity is one of the major reason increasing developing such diseases. Although combat against obesity is given a significant concern in the scientific world of medicine and nutrition, not every dietary suggestion gives a solid solution. It is our responsibility to develop awareness on popular suggestions for losing weight. Popular diets such as Ketogenic, Paleolithic, Vegan, Atkin, Ornish, Dukan, Zone diets should be carefully investigate before deciding to attempt. 


Assignment #3 (15%) 

1 – Students (Group of 3 students) will be designated to research one of a popular diets below: 

Ketogenic, Paleolithic, Vegan, Atkin, Ornish, Dukan, Zone 

2- Regarding to their diet students will follow a standard scientific research procedure and review the literature. Students in this phase are expected to collect secondary data from governmental or institutional sources and gather opinions from credible scientific sources such as journal articles and books. 

3- When they collect all the data and review that are necessary for their arguments/discussion they will establish a cause & effect discussion. Students are expected to write a comprehensive long report based on their review and submit it on time.  

Assignment #4 (10%) 

Finally, students have to submit their presentation in PowerPoint based on their report.  


Deliverable 1: Report Submission– 15%  

Each group will work in groups. In this phase groups attempt to gather credible information about their topics through the scientific databases which addresses sceintific articles and reports. Reports should apply the APA style and cite min. 4 references from credible scientific sources! No word count is required- only well-structured report and a discussion with min 4 citation is required. 

Reports should have three parts:   

1- Introduction   

1. Grab attention and introduce the diet. 

2. Discuss your diet: 

a. What is the popularity of the diet, when and where it started?  

b. What is the method of to do the diet? 

c. What are the nutritional facts about this diet?  

2- Main Body  

3. What are your findings?  

a. How does literature react to this diet?  

b. What are the general opinions and/or results that accumulated regarding to the diet? 

c. What are the contradicting opinions in the literature?    

3- Conclusion  

4. What is your opinion as a group of participants?  

a. How do you approach to this issue personally? Or,  

b. How do you relate it to your society?  

c. According to what you have found, what would be your suggestions to your classmates?  

Submission: Report (Deliverable 1) will be submitted on Turnitin.