Final Assignment-Marketing Plan

Final Assignment – Marketing Plan

Final assignment

For this exercise, you must produce a marketing plan for a sports event. The event is a 10 Km fun run.

The initial target audience is runners in Barcelona city.

The objective is to attract as many as possible, you are aiming to get between 5000 and 10000 participants, each paying 10 euros entry fee

The initial budget for advertising is approximately €10000

You will produce a simple advertising plan, and prepare an advertising budget, indicating how much you will spend on each medium

There will be two deliverables: a presentation () that covers points 1 – 4 below, including the broader advertising strategy, and an advertising plan (excel sheet) that breaks down how the €10000 will be spent, and anticipated returns.

1. The event

Briefly describe the event

Where will it be held, distance(s)

Briefly describe your target (you will cover it in more detail later)

2. Sources of funding for the event

Be creative about the sources (there are numerous possible sources, as well as entry fees – local council, sponsors, etc.

(You are aiming to spend approximately €8000 on advertising)

3. Target market

Describe the target in as much detail as possible. The better you describe the target, the more precise will be the targeting.

Think about the profile of somebody who participates in fun runs.

Aim to spend about €10000 online, approximately €5000 offline

Each participant must pay €10 entry fee.

With google ads anticipate spending less than €1 cpc

With fb ads anticipate spending €1 cpm, €0.5 cpc, anticipated CTR on fb cpm is 0.3%

For the above the anticipated conversion rate is 2.5%

You will also use a banner on a running calendar website that charges €2 cpm, anticipated ctr 2%, conversion rate 3%

You will also use a banner on a generalist running website that charges €2 cpc, anticipated ctr 1%, conversion rate 3%

Offline: you will print approximately 4000 – 5000 fliers and distribute them at the finishing lines of 5 events before yours. Research the printing costs. Calculate that the cost of distributing the fliers is the print cost + €20 per event. Here anticipate 20% accessing your website, 3% participating.

4. Advertising strategy

Advertising plan

Try and be as creative as possible about the possible ways of marketing the event.

You may use other methods other than those described above, and incorporate them into your plan, but you must spend some money on the channels described.

You must calculate the anticipated ROI on each channel used.

You must produce an advertising plan that covers all the above points.

The deliverables will be a word or powerpoint document and an excel file.

You may assume any information not given in the .