FIN 353 – Financial Institutions and Markets

FIN 353 – Financial Institutions and Markets


DUE DATE – May 20th

Make a 2-3 pages written report on the topic that you has chosen. Provide insights to your topic. Specifically, you should cover the following content. If some contents are not very appropriate for your topic, please provide what you feel comfortable in that part. For example, if you plan to study the COVID-19, the sector won’t be so appropriate, as it just broke out in 2020. But you can cover how it started and spread out worldwide.

(Note: the below contents are only a template for students who are not sure how to develop their topic and ideas. It is NOT a MUST list for all students or all topics. For students who have their own idea regarding the structure of their report, please feel free to follow your own idea)

• What is interesting about your topic: why it is important to study this, and specifically what events/phenomenon that motivate you to pick this topic

• Brief development: This part needs to be brief, and not the focus of your topic

• What are the impacts of this problem, or phenomenon on financial industries (banks, insurance, brokerage firms, pension plans…etc.) and financial market (stock market, bond market, foreign exchange market…etc.). Could be industry specific here.

• What are the impacts of this problem, or phenomenon on business (companies, schools…etc.) and individuals/household (consumers, investors, depositors… etc.). Could be industry specific here.

• How this problem is being tackled by relevant parties, such as government, response from private sectors (regular companies, banks, insurance, brokerage…etc.), from the market (stock , bond market… etc.) and from the public (consumers, lobbyists, investors, depositors… etc.) Please also be specific here.

• Issues / problems / weakness, etc. that your think the current solution is insufficient (or things that needs to be addressed but not yet). How do you think things can be improved? If nothing, please discuss instead the strength the current solution has.

• What’s the expectation/forecasts for the future? NO one can be accurate about the forecast, just write down what you think will happen, and list the reasons you come to this forecasts.

Each student will submit a written report. The written report should be at a minimum 2 pages, with font size 12, and single line spacing.

Your grade is based on the soundness of analysis, the quality of , and overall professionalism and neatness) .