Explore the ASTHO website at http://www.astho.org/ and prepare a brief 1 page report

Demonstrates that you are familiar with the case studies and includes an explanation and evaluation of the public health methods used for each topic below.

There must be 1 page in length for each topic listed below and reflects spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar usage.

Includes citations and references in APA format.

There is a total of three topics to write about, ALL ARE TO BE WRITTEN ABOUT. In total there must be 3-6 pages long, 1-2 pages per topic.

1.      Explore the ASTHO website at http://www.astho.org/ and prepare a brief 1 page report on initiatives that affect public health in your home state. Be sure to include the initiative, its goals, any opposition that you think may be there and your own opinion of the initiatives.

2.      Visit the Guide to Community Preventive Services web site at:


Research a topic that is an important public health issue in your local area/hometown. Investigate the types of scientific research that has been done on the issue and recommendations for community interventions that have emerged from the research. Report your findings in a . This report should be 1 page long

3.      Review the tools and resources offered by The Community Tool box at http://ctb.ku.edu/en. This free public service offered by the University of Kansas

Work Group for Community Health and Development offers a large number of resources for practitioners and community volunteers. Make a list of resources that you would find helpful as a new graduate starting his/her first job with a public health agency.

This should be a 1-2 page list with a brief explanation of how that could be helpful to you.