Explain the value of critical thinking

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. The information-based working world needs critical thinking more than ever, and instructors are focusing on it more than ever before. Critical thinking and problem-solving are skills, and like any other skill, they are built with effort and maintained with use. The Keys to Success approach to these topics focuses on critical, creative, and practical thinking as part of a problem-solving process. When students work on a problem that affects them personally, they are more invested and more willing to engage.

Using the Internet/ Google and look for answers regarding the following topics: Explain the value of critical thinking. Identify and develop the skills of critical thinking. How to evaluate information using (consider information from different viewpoints) Develop different critical-thinking techniques. Set goals to improve your critical thinking. Identify how emotional intelligence affects the thinking process. Identify problems (Gather information about your possible solutions). Brainstorm possible solutions and how to decide on the best possible solution. From the topics posted above select at least four and then post the answers directly in the forum, not as an attached document. You can write your post on any word processor and then copy and paste it into the forum. Each response must be at least 150 words and include your reference(s) at the end of each answer (NOTE: be aware that copy and paste from google are not allowed, you need to include the references and I need also your thoughts about the topic that you are answering, not plagiarism will be allowed)