Explain the state governance relationship to a community college

  • Explain the state governance relationship to a community college.
  • Analyze the governance structure of a community college, including the participatory governance, politics, culture, climate, and union structure.
  • Explain the effects of unions on community colleges.

UNIT 7 Presentations

Welcome to the unit 7 presentation for p a t m 501 in this week’s video we will continue supporting our topic of information technology and decision making for this week’s presentation will focus on information technology decision making a Christian worldview and concluding remarks look around and you can see evidence nearly daily of the growing importance of information technology in our everyday lives for example you’re watching this presentation through the use of information technology likely a computer and internet access in today’s public or private workplaces we use information technology to be effective efficient and provide goods and services if formation technology is changing the face of the workplace by allowing for facilitation of communication increased coronation and faster decision making if a motion is used to support decision making in response to a problem a problem can be defined as a difference between an actual and a desired end state problem solving is described as a den of finding a solution to allow one to transition from an actual to a desired end state subsequently a decision is a choice between various courses of action or decision support systems or d.s.s. or information technology systems that allow for people to interact and analyze large elements of data for solving complex problems managers will often approached decision making and one of 3 ways problem avoiders are enacted in decision making process problem solvers gather information and solve the problems problem seekers anticipate problems prior to their occurrence decision making is traditionally comprised of 5 steps the quality of the decision will be largely dependent upon the information that the has to make the decision step one to get done if I the problem step to develop and evaluate solutions to the problem step 3 choose a solution. Step 4 implement the solution and Step 5 evaluate the results in emergency planning one of the phases of planning is called information analysis and information analysis is used to determine what the current situation is and determine what the desired end state should be courses of action are developed to provide senior leadership with options for achieving a desired end state senior leader select a course of action or make a decision to assist in cheating the desired end state for example when planning for the delivery of water to a disaster location and information Alice assist conducted to determine how much water is needed in the community and how the water will get to the location if there is not enough water in the community the emergency manager may need to get water through mutual aid resources or purchase the resources from a vendor to mutual aid resources can be delivered quickly and will not cost very much money the vendor may be delayed in getting the water to the community and will cost double the amount of the money these 2 courses of action presented to senior leadership for consideration senior leadership makes the decision to use my choice resources to provide water in the community making it Biblically based decision begins by understanding the will of God free choices and sharing his will with those that are eager to follow him according to keep the 7 step biblical decision making processes as follows step one Pray step 2 obey God’s word Step 3 apply biblical principles Step 4 surrender to God’s will step 5 Seek godly counsel Step 6 stretch your faith in Step 7 desires of your heart. Applying biblical decision making steps to the decision making process we discussed in the previous slide helps to guide you towards making a biblical based decision that will please the Lord 1st and foremost you must pray about the decision at hand ask the Lord to give you the knowledge and wisdom to make the decision that will glorify Him Our attitude towards decision making should not be that of Jesus Himself who affirm not my will but yours be done Luke $2242.00 the process of decision making includes making a judgment about an editor action decisions are an act of the will and they are always influenced by the mind the emotions or both the decisions we make actually reflect the desires of our heart I would like to share with you a verse from Proverbs $2712.00 a prudent person for Cease it dangerous ahead and takes precautions the simpleton goes blindly on and suffer so consequences I leave with you the following question for the week before making a decision are you making that today are you looking to please yourself or are you pleasing the Lord.