Ethics and Marketing Discussion Questions

Ethics and Marketing Discussion Questions

Each answer should be explained in at least 7 good sentences

Ethical Discussion Questions

1. Today, many businesses have developed corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans to address environmental damage caused by civilization. Companies like Walt Disney, Lego, Google, Ben and Jerry’s, and many others are devoting money and time to making the world a better place. But is it important for businesses to have CSR plans? Or should the government be the one to “save our planet.” Explain your opinion.

2. Discrimination in the workplace has been an ongoing battle between employees, candidates, and lawmakers historically. Chapter 8, pages 291–303, explains the processes of hiring, promotions, discipline, discharges, and wage equity.What have you experienced in the workplace when it comes to violations of the laws and procedures discussed in Chapter 8? What recourse do employees have to rectify any abuse of the laws?

Resource : William H. Shaw. 2017. Business Ethics: A Textbook with Cases. BUS309 Wadsworth

3. There are rules and regulations that keep employee records, such as social security numbers, work evaluations and other pertinent information secure. All of these rules and regulations tend to benefit the employee or individual, but what about the company?

4. Let’s think for a moment about that. Should a company, regardless of size, be able to impose on its employees or customers policies regarding company privacy? Should a company have the right to regulate its employees’ activities on their off-the-clock time? Can an employee be held accountable for misrepresenting their employer on their personal social media accounts? n today’s technologically advanced society, is there really privacy? Based on your own personal experiences with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Snapchat), do you feel that individuals should be held accountable for their actions outside of the workplace?

Is it possible that, due to the technological advances in smart phones, tablets, and other communication devices, workplace and personal privacy have meshed together to a point that what was once personal space is now fair game in the hiring and firing practices?

Marketing Discussion Questions

1. It is very important to make sure that you align your pricing strategy with your target market and branding strategy. Below are various businesses and pricing strategies.Match each business with the pricing strategy that you believe the business is using.

Discuss why you think the business is using the pricing strategy that you did.

Business : Bently Motor , Motorola, Kohls, Dish Network

Priving Strategy : Price Skimming, Premium Pricing, Competitive Pricing, Economy Pricing , Promotional Pricing

2. Businesses commonly use celebrities to endorse their products, meaning they feature a celebrity in the commercial holding the product, using the product, or talking about the product features. Other times businesses have the celebrity wear the product or talk about how they use the product in their everyday lives.With this concept in mind, select one of the following celebrities to endorse Diet Pepsi in an attempt to reach the young people between the ages of 12–19:

Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Elon Musk

Why did you choose this celebrity? How does this celebrity align to the target market?Which media channels would you use to reach the target market with this celebrity endorser? How would you get your celebrity to actually endorse the product, based upon the discussion board introduction?

3. Consumers now spend as much time using their smartphones as they do watching TV, meaning marketers must meet customers where they are which is social media.

Burger King


Olive Garden


Pick one of these brands and identify two social media platforms that you think this business should be utilizing. Why should this business use the two platforms you chose? How do these selected platforms align with the current target market for that brand?Using the same brand and social media sites you selected in bullet 1, pick one of the following strategies to reach your target market. How you will use this strategy with your business across the platforms you identified? Why have you chosen this marketing strategy for your sites? Why do you think it will be effective in turning your social media followers into customers?

Inform (or)Educate (or) Engage (or)Entertain(or)