ENGL 202 Topic Approval Paper

ENGL 202 Topic Approval Paper

This document allows you to describe the project you wish to complete in this course.
Proposing a project is a critical step in the writing process. It forces you to specify the
topic that you are going to devote a significant amount of time to this semester. Your
paper must fit the requirements outlined below. While you may see your research move
and twist in unanticipated directions as you move throughout the semester, you may not
change your topic. Think about this choice and choose wisely. Some things to ask
yourself include: whether or not your topic will allow for valuable analysis? Will your
reader be able to engage in the content? Is your topic debatable so that you can be

Assignment Guidelines
A. This paper should clearly and specifically explain the topic you wish to investigate
further and how this topic connects to the Global Food Crisis. What are you
seeking to answer about this topic?
B. How is this topic debatable or controversial? What are some counterarguments you’ll
need to address? Who might disagree with your stance on this topic?
C. You should include at least a paragraph describing what types of academic sources
you think will be most helpful in your analysis? What types of journals will you be
looking for? What kinds of searches will you need to conduct?
D. Lastly, what do you already know about this issue and your question? What beliefs do
you currently hold on this topic? Why does this topic matter to you? Who else might
benefit from reading about your research?

Basic Requirements
Failure to meet the basic requirements below will result in a grade of 50 or lower.
• Length: approx. 500-750 words (or more) (absolutely no less than 500 words)
• Layout: MLA-style: 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced pages, page
numbers and last name in the top right corner as a header.
• First Page: Top left corner (not header) should have: (in this order) Your Name,
My Name (Dr. Melissa Birkhofer – spelled correctly), Course Number and
Section (ENGL 202.XX), and Date
• Descriptive title centered on the page, not bolded; no title page
• Free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Absolutely no misspellings.
• No fragments.
• Word Count listed at the end of the paper (Note: falsifying a word count IS

Your proposal must be approved in order for you to move forward. When you turn in
your topic approval paper I will grade the paper based on the criteria above. I will then
approve the topic or suggest revisions before approval. If your paper is approved, you
may begin researching. If your topic is not approved, you must revise your topic approval
Topic Approval Paper Assignment Instructions ENGL 202
Dr. Melissa Birkhofer
paper until it is approved. This will not change your grade. It only allows you to move
forward in the process. Therefore, write and think carefully the first time you turn in your
paper. That is your grade.

Special Note: The revisions I ask you to make are crucial to the successful completion of
your research paper toward the end of the course. I will ask you to think deeply about
your topic, not because I am a mean person, but because I want to set you up for success
over the course of the .