Effect of Heat Stress on Hydration and Athlete Performance Essay

Effect of Heat Stress on Hydration and Athlete Performance Essay

Description: This is part of my research review on the effect of heat stress on hydration and athlete performance. I added a Bibliography below but feel free to find other sources. Each section should have its own paragraph and starts with the intro ends with the conclusion. On main point 2, each paragraph needs to be supported by at least three recent studies. Thank you. 


Section  1. – (Environmental)

  1. Physiological Effects of Exertional Heat Stress
    1. Thermoregulation 
  2. Heat related illness in Athletes
    1. Heat exhaustion
    1. Heat stroke
    1. Heat cramps
  3. Effects of Exertional Heat Stress on Performance and Health
    1. Cardiovascular system 
    1. Cognitive function
    1. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance During Heat Stress

Section  2. Strategies and prevention guidelines

  • Strategies for Fluid and Electrolyte Intake Before, During, and After Exercise
    • Pre exercise Fluid and Electrolyte Intake
    • Post exercise Fluid and Electrolyte Intake
    • Fluid and Electrolyte Intake During Exercise
  • Nutritional Pre- and Per-Cooling Strategies During Exercise
    • Ice-slurry beverages
    • Sports drinks
    • Coconut Water
    • Menthol
    • Foods That Can Help Prevent Dehydration and Heat related illness
  • Heat stress prevention guideline


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