Discussion 1 Adolescent Depression

Discussion 1 Adolescent Depression Using the article by Settersten discuss the issues that arise in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Discuss factors related to adolescent depression and suicide, along with approaches for prevention and treatment. Discussion 2 – School Success & Failure There is an increasing awareness that school failure and early school leaving are processes, rather than discrete events, that often co-occur and can have lasting negative effects on children’s . Using the article by Bradshaw, O’Brennan, & McNeeley discusses risk factors for failure and dropout. How can shifting the focus to the promotion of competencies increase youths’ likelihood of successfully completing high school Instructor’s goals to be included in DQ response: 4.1 Describe how adolescents respond to pubertal changes. 4.2 Summarize the cognitive changes that occur in adolescence and early adulthood, including c