Discuss your experience with the “36 Questions” practice

In preparation for this week, you were asked participate in a . Unless otherwise specified, each one of you are to post an original thought on a separate discussion thread. This initial post should reflect your emotional reactions, thoughts, overall experience with the science-based practice activity. This initial post is the start of a class discussion, so it is appropriate to present a personal viewpoint regarding your experience.

Additionally, you will post one evaluative response to the postings of two of your classmates. Your responses should address specific content of your peer’s comment and extend the dialogue by supporting or challenging an opinion, presenting an opposing viewpoint, posing a question to seek additional input, etc. Your response should include substantive content related to the topic or question, without simply responding with “I agree” or similar surface-level comments.

All original opinions should be at least 1- 2 paragraph (no more than 2) unless otherwise indicated. Your posting each week should be a thoughtful response to the question(s). Extend and contribute to the quality of the group discussion by returning to the board and participating in multiple discussion threads throughout the week. You are expected to respond to any questions posed directly to you in response to your initial post. See, Canvas for rubric.

Discuss your experience with the “36 Questions” practice. Comment on at least two of your peers’ statements.

Some examples of things to consider for your posts are: What did you like/dislike about the exercise? Was it helpful? Did you learn something new? Is this practice something that you will see yourself continuing later, why or why not? How do you think this could be improved?