Discuss the idea of a human right to a stable climate.

Choose two question from the following and 3 pages for each answer. Must use the reading attached. No outside references. 

Human Rights Poli Sci 153E and IS 154B Summer Session II 2021

Final Exam

You must answer two questions. The exam is worth 60 points. You should turn your answer in through canvas. Your answer must use 12 point font,be 1.5 or 2.0 spaced, and include your name and student ID. Your work must be your own. You must refer to at least 3 articles from the course assignments in each of your answers. You may refer to more than 3 articles in each answer, but you should not refer to any material that was not assigned in the course. These are thought pieces designed to show you understand and can synthesize the material. You should cite the articles within your answer like this: (Smith 2020) and you need not include a reference page so long as the citations are clear which readings you are citing. The answer to each question should be between 2.5 and 3.5 pages long per question. 

Choose two of these questions to answer:

  • Discuss the idea of a human right to a stable climate.
  • How do domestic political institutions sometimes act to inhibit the promotion and fulfillment of human rights?
  • Explain and discuss at least 3 emerging issues in human rights.