CYB-690 Business Profile

CYB-690 Business Profile

Directions: Select an area of industry that you are interested in and create a hypothetical business. Use the following sections to define the business environment; these items will vary depending on your business type. Feel free to adapt this document as needed. Note: Students may adapt their hypothetical in CYB-630 or CYB-650 for this assignment. However, additional details will be required.

Business Details

Company Name

Established Date

Physical address

Phone and Fax Numbers

Website URL

Email Address

Business Basics

Vision Mission Statement and Goals

A. Mission Statement

B. Vision Statement

C. Goals and Objectives

D. Industry Information/Experience

E. Major Stakeholders

F. Company Organizational Flow (to include a diagram)

Products and Services

A. Main Products (described in detail)

B. Service Offerings (described in detail)

C. Consumer Base (described in detail)

Technology and Security Solutions (described in detail)