Current Events Analysis Portfolio

Current Events Analysis Portfolio

Course Objective Satisfied by this Assignment:

3. Students will discuss the ways in which music both shaped and responded to developments in other disciplines, including literature, philosophy, visual arts, and others.


Using at least three current event examples, analyze the contemporary roles of women in power across different disciplines.

Each entry in your portfolio should contain the following elements in this order:

1. Citation of your source (using APA or Chicago Manual of Style)

2. Brief summary of the article

3. Analysis of the ways in which women are granted and/or denied power. Consider who, what, why, and where: Who are the women that are discussed?; What roles do they play?; What are the reasons that they are granted/denied power? What role, if any, does the location play in determining this gender role? Also be sure to indicate how “power” is defined.

4. Comparison and contrast to material from class. In what ways is the current event similar/dissimilar to the case studies we have explored?

5. Optional: At the end of the portfolio, you may personally respond to the articles and/or offer comparisons between the different topics that you chose.

Guidelines and other Considerations:

A. Scope: The article should have been published within the last 10 years.

B. Topics: Only 1 of the topics must focus on music. The others may be drawn from any aspect of society (science, medicine, sports, etc.).

C. Length: Around 1-2 pages per entry, double-spaced and one-inch margins.

D. Sources: You may draw your examples from any medium (internet, print, etc.). Cite the full article(s) at the beginning of each entry. If the sources are taken from the internet, then please include the full URL. In all cases, be sure to identify the author of the article (and you might often consider how their background contributed to the conclusions found in the article).

E. Submission: Compile your entries into a single Word document and submit by the date listed on the course syllabus.

Category Criteria Points
Writing Style Clear organization at the paragraph level and across the entire essay Proper format and use of citations Writing mechanics (sentence structure, tone, and punctuation) Paper is free from surface errors, typos, and other mistakes 50 points
Content Accuracy of summary Level of discourse (essay is reflective of college-level analysis) Makes relevant connections to class material 150 points
Total: 200 points