Current Event Discussion

Current Event Discussion

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It is very important for people to know and understand the events that are happening across
the globe in healthcare specific to ambulatory services. This is an assignment designed to have you read an article from an online journal article or online news site and to analyze that article. You are to include the following criteria in your assignment:
1. Article Title – 1 Point
a. What is the title of the article? (Exact wording)

2. Topic – 1 Point
a. What is the topic of your article?

3. Article Source – 1 Point
a. Where did you get the article?

4. Summary – 2 Points
a. Briefly, and in your own words, summarize the content of the article.
b. Three (3) sentence minimum

5. Reaction – 5 Points
a. Take a position on the issue contained in the article.
b. How do you feel about this event?
c. How does this event affect you?
d. Five sentence (5) minimum.

Discussion Questions Week 7 (Chapters 25 – 28)

1. What are the advantages of home health care over institutionalized care?

2. What services may be expected at an HIV and AIDS healthcare clinic?

3. Why has the “war” on cancer not been as successful as once hoped?

4. What is the difference between an acute care hospital and an LTAC hospital?

5. Your friend’s father was recently involved in a severe automobile accident and is on a ventilator. His physician is recommending that he be discharged from an acute care setting and admitted into an LTAC hospital.  Your friend asks you what this is and how it works. How do you address the question?