CRJU 2050 – Criminal Procedure ESSAY

CRJU 2050 – Criminal Procedure
Project Options

You must complete any of the one of the listed below in order to complete your project requirement for CRJU 2050.

All assignments (with the exception of Option 2) are required to be completed in APA format. This is to include 1” margins, 12 point font, and double spacing. Where applicable, each will be graded based on the theoretical content (clarity in which you present the theory and apply it), innovativeness (developing insights and new thoughts), grammar, spelling and punctuation, content, and clarity. Information on the APA format can be found at


It is a given that you should put forth a superior quality to ensure a high grade. WARNING: In the past, students have procrastinated on assignments. Problems will arise (such as typing the paper and electricity goes out causing you to lose work, sick, flat tire, etc.) so be prepared in advance. You are responsible for turning in your assignment on the due date.

The following questions will be asked when determining a for homework assignments:

· How much effort was put forth?

· Is the content what is expected?

· Is the work college level?

• Is the paper/project plagiarized? (if so, it constitutes a zero and possible termination from the class and program).

• Does the paper/project address the topic or assignment?

• Does the paper/project contain factual errors?

• Does the paper/project follow directions and include all ?

• Is the paper/project well organized?

• Is the paper free from mechanical errors?




Proper paragraphs

· Is the paper/project neat in appearance?

• Do the conclusions flow logically from the body of the report?

• Is the paper/project properly referenced?

• Is the paper innovative and does it show original thought?

· Is the paper cited and referenced as required by ?

Option 4: Research Paper

Utilizing at least five sources, complete a research paper on the juvenile justice issue of your choice. I am providing some topic ideas but you are free to choose any subject in this area, but you must have prior approval. Topics are first come; first serve so notify me your choice ASAP! The paper is required to be 5 pages in length (does not include the cover page nor the reference page)

The Mayflower Compact

The Magna Carta

The Supreme Court

Capital Punishment

The Federal court System

Georgia state court system

Development of Juvenile System

The Second Amendment

The Fourth Amendment

The Brady Act

The Elements of Arrest

Double Jeopardy

Miranda v. Arizona

Escobedo v. Illinois

The Exclusionary Rule: Good Faith Exception

Protective Sweeps: Chimel v California

Terry v. Ohio