Critical Thinking Exercise-Crime Reporting Compare/Contrast

Paragraph for each question.

1) Critical Thinking Exercise-Crime Reporting Compare/Contrast

Typically there are the Uniform Crime Report, the National Crime Victimization Survey, and Self Reports. Each has its strength and weakness. Describe the Uniform Crime Report, the National Crime Victimization Survey, and techniques. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. How might each type measure the crime of drug dealing? Which measurement technique do you think would give the “true” picture of this crime?

2) Critical Thinking Exercise-Homicide and Murder Real-World Material

Consider the case of the Olympic bomber, Eric Rudolph, a domestic terrorist whose bombings resulted in the deaths of two individuals. Rudolph is labeled a serial bomber and charged with “five counts of malicious use of an explosive in violation of federal law” (FBI, 1998). Not all bombings kill people, but if murder is a consequence of a bombing, argue whether the law should also charge the individual(s) with counts of murder as well as charge the individual(s) for their acts of terrorism. Do you feel the punishment for terrorism is harsh enough to cover the murder(s)? Justify your .

3) Critical Thinking Exercise-Rape Interview/Field Observation

Interview your district attorney on his perspective of the court’s focus on male coercion and consent in rape cases. Discuss with the district attorney whether, during a trial, rape is identified and defined by the court’s discussion per the woman’s experience of the rape or whether the court looks at the body as the target of the crime. Provide a summary of your discussion.