Constitution Writing Assignment instructions

For this paper, complete the following tasks: 

  Read the Constitution of the United States (not including the amendments). Notice  that the articles are numbered with Roman Numerals. That is how you should refer to  them in your paper. 

Your paper should answer the following questions. 

  a. Who wrote it? When? Where? This should be about one good paragraph. Since  this is really general information, you may use your textbook as the source for this  information (on a term paper, I would not allow use of the textbook). 

  b. When the Founding Fathers created the , what did they create? 

  c. Summarize the Constitution of the United States. What does it say? This should  be the majority of your paper. 

  d. Explain how the work accomplished by the men who wrote the Constitution still  affects the citizens of the United States today.  

For this paper, with the exception of the information on the authors and when it was  written, you should be able to support any statement you make in the paper by referring  to a particular part of the Constitution as the basis for that statement. After completing  this assignment, I expect you to know about the Constitution of the United States. Things  you should know include: 

1. When and where it was written 

2. Who wrote the Constitution 

3. What exactly is the Constitution (there is a phrase in VI that sums this up  perfectly) 

4. How is the Constitution organized 

5. What is the topic of each of the seven articles 

Sources for this paper include the Constitution of the United States which counts as your  primary source and at least three secondary sources. For purposes of this paper, I am  going to define secondary sources as books written by historians or other authors with  knowledge about the subject. You will need to include a bibliography with your paper. I  will provide more information about secondary sources in a separate announcement.  

If you plagiarize your paper, the grade will be a 0 with no chance of making it up.  

Details for your paper: 

1. You should have maybe one full paragraph on the question of when and where the  Constitution was written and who wrote it. Also in this one paragraph, you should  mention what those who wrote it created. Then you should begin your summary of the  Constitution. I expect some details here. At least two full pages of your paper should be  your summary of the Constitution. 

2. The text of the paper must be at least three full pages. Your paper should not exceed  five pages in length.  

Warning: if your goal is to write the absolute minimum for this paper, you should be  certain that you have met the minimum length requirement. If you do not, the penalty will  be severe. Note that you can write as much as five pages. It is okay to exceed the absolute  minimum length requirement. 

3. Your text should be typed in a 12 point font. 

4. The paper should be double spaced with a font that I like. I especially like Times New  Roman. 

5. Margins should be standard one inch margins right, left, top, and bottom. 

6. There should be a title for your paper. The title should not be bold faced or underlined.  It should be in the same font as the rest of the paper. 

7. There should be a four line heading in the ​upper left corner​ of the first page only. Those  four lines should be (notice the double spacing): 

  Your name 


  Instructor name  


8. I expect your paper to be well written. I expect you to use proper sentence structure,  spelling, punctuation, and anything else that comes under the general heading of  grammar. Failure to do so will affect your grade. There is a “Writing Skills” document that  provides some tips for better writing. I expect you to consult that guide and follow those  grammar rules. The maximum number of points you will lose for grammar is 20. You are 

college students. I expect you to know how to write. There are multiple free that will check grammar for you. I suggest you use one of them.  

9. I expect your paper to be well organized with a beginning (or introduction), a text in the  middle, and a conclusion. You should not present any new ideas or material in your  conclusion. 

10. You should use citations in your paper. The easiest method of citing material is to use  what is called parenthetical citations. I will provide more information about citations in a  separate announcement. 

11. More on citations. If you use a direct quote, there should be some form of a citation.  You may use parenthetical citations. This paper will be better if you do not use any direct  quotes. I discourage you from using direct quotes. Excessive use of direct quotes will  affect your grade.