Comprehensive final exam will focus on what you have learned throughout this semester

The comprehensive final exam will focus on what you have learned throughout this semester. You are required to write a 3 page, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font reflection paper for your final exam requirements. No, you will not have anymore exams/quizzes to complete. For your you will need to explain how this course relates to your life. Examine and explain 3 different concepts and how they apply to your life experiences. For example, I have a family member that has schizophrenia. I could then go into a brief explanation of how this relates to the materials we have learned. It can be any 3 topics out of the textbook. Furthermore, you are required to cite your sources if you use any! If you do not use any sources in your paper, then no reference page is required. I do require that you use APA format for this paper. Remember, there are resources available for you in the module section that can help with APA , paper format, or any other general questions you may have. Of course, you are more than welcome to reach out to me! ***Please Read** Review the rubric attached to see what you’ll be graded on. I highly recommend looking at the APA style of writing links I have posted in the modules section. Further, this will go through I do NOT tolerate plagiarism. Anything over 25% will impact your grade negatively.