COM 113 Fund Speech Communication

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I need someone to take my online courses for the next semester I will be willing to pay 250 per month for five months they’re 14 credits deal with it last time I hired a tutor office website they did not follow through with the assignments on time so I fired her she went to Yale I went to Great Lengths to hire another tutor and she turned out to be unreliable as well I’m trying this for a third time but I hope to get someone who will be able to log in and participate my classes I will do any video assignments needed just remember to remind me my name is Dustin I’m going to Great Basin College for the next 3 years…There are 5 courses main courses to math 1 history course 1 teacher Prep course I’m looking for a tutor specializing in elementary education curriculum I will release the first payment after I get my tuition check and I will pay monthly on time I will provide all the digital logins and account logins as well as digital codes for books