Clap control home automation (clap switch)

Clap control home automation (clap switch)


Project(s) that are selected during group meetings in class

Fantastic 4 Projects

1) Ride Suitcase

2) Second hand market service

3) Intermediary agencies for overseas study

4) Clap control home automation (clap switch)

5) Bioelectrical Impedance method for dengue fever recognition without using a blood sample

6) Finger print door lock (Arduino Project)

7) College Radio

8) Bike share

9) Seat belt safety alarm

10) Biometric Attendance

11) Drowsy alarm in Car

12) Image albums service

However, the project Clap control home automation (clap switch), Heart Beat Sensor at home, Second hand market service, and Image albums service are the projects we choose 4 out of 12 , and they earn the most “Positive” counts during the factors evaluate process. And given all factors and structures that meet the requirements of the project, we decided to choose Clap control home automation (clap switch) as our final project.

2. Project selection criteria that were employed. Please explain why such criteria

Our group’s standard for selected projects is to provide customers with more convenient and fast life modes. The fast lifestyle is the mainstream at present. While saving time, the consideration benchmark for us to lock in project goals in different fields is to provide all potential customers with better service and experience by taking advantage of the fields involved in our project. Our product Clap control home automation (Clap switch), Heart Beat Sensor at home, Second-hand market service, and Image albums service are all based on the consideration of providing users with a more convenient and effective lifestyle. Standards are developed by considering the rationality of the product and the requirements of the public. We calculate the positive index of the product to determine whether the product can meet the needs of customers. Based on the final comprehensive score, the project Clap control home automation (Clap switch) has the highest comprehensive score, and its practicability and feasibility are most suitable for the purpose and goal of R&D project.

3. Show the selection procedure(s) you followed in selecting the project(s) among other projects

When the target project is further subdivided and the most beneficial project is selected, we will conduct internal screening and vote selection by team members, and compare the results calculated by weight score mode. There may be some differences in opinions, because each group member thinks differently. However, in the calculation process of weighing factors and weight score method, the final selected project must be reasonable and fair. Each will be measured independently against standard requirements.

4. Share the experience in selecting projects in your team. Were there any conflicts or any challenges during project selection? How did you resolve the conflicts and/or the challenges?

In the process of choosing a project, there will inevitably be some different opinions and doubts. Sometimes team members cannot clearly explain their ideas, which leads to misunderstanding of products. There will also be issues of product cost, or too much upfront investment, leading other members to believe that products with too high risks should not be considered. When similar situations occur, team members will patiently choose to explain products in more detail with clearer and more detailed information and pictures. Adjust the initial budget according to the actual situation to make the products more reasonable and more suitable with the management philosophy of lean operation.

5. Share any suggestions you may have on the group (team) assignments. Do you see this to be a challenge or an opportunity? 

Any challenge will be accompanied by opportunities. Just focus on one project. Although the content of a project is virtual, it will make us gain a lot of experience in project management and operation and build a foundation, which is very valuable. There may be some difficulties at the beginning, but with the coordination and efforts of team members, all the difficulties will be solved. The final project should be selected as the research and that is most beneficial to the social and business fields.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

WBS is a kind of process deliverable that helps in organizing tasks and sub-tasks into content modules. This process will help the team to decide on the general project scope of the work, and enhancing the understand-ability of the activities of the project as a whole. The key project tasks include plant installation, production, marketing, and selling. Each of the tasks contains three other sub-tasks, help to understand project tasks more clearly.


Project Justification Projects developed to save power and time combine smart devices to provide a new, easier home appliance experience.
Project Objective Improve the standard of living, provide more convenient and efficient way of life.
Project Scope Description Project clap control home automation (Clap switch) is providing an automatic and simple household electronic device used in daily life to improve the quality of life and energy saving.
Product Acceptance Criteria -The user only needs to install the device easily – Start the device switch by clapping – It is convenient and fast, saving time and electricity
Project Constraint – It is currently limited to domestic lighting – There may be a glitch in the equipment – The market already has many competitors
Technical Requirements Breadboard, microcontroller 4017 IC, Relay(9 Volts), variable resistor (1k), MIC,Resistors(10k),resistors(1k) ,transistor BC 547, LED’s, Battery, connecting wires, and a bulb
Review with Consumers Feedback Loops, Survey form consumers, and summarize
Project Assumption – The first half year is the trial period – Higher than the estimated turnover of 8%, increase sales inventory – Less than 8% of the estimated turnover, reducing production – The observation period is 3 months (a quarter), the turnover shows a negative trend of gradual decrease, withdraw the product & suspend this project

Necessary conditions to build up Clap control home automation

Product: Clap control home automation (clap switch)

Product Mission:

Provide a more convenient and fast way for daily life

Necessary requirement conditions for the product:

– Required Materials:

Breadboard, microcontroller 4017 IC, Relay(9 Volts), variable resistor (1k), MIC,Resistors(10k),resistors(1k) ,transistor BC 547, LED’s, Battery, connecting wires, and a bulb

– Parts supplier/wholesaler

– Labor

– Factory