CJ 520 Module Seven Policy Analysis Memorandum

My policy issue is; eliminating implicit bias (Race, National Origin, and Ethnicity) in a police department. Attachment preview

CJ 520 Module Seven Policy Analysis Memorandum Guidelines and Rubric Overview: Building on the discussion of criminal justice policy-makersin Module Six, for this assignment due in Module Seven, you will write a brief,1-page memorandum to your supervisor regarding the need to make changes to a departmental policy in your agency. You will also describehow these changes will affect the different actors involved in the policy-makingprocess. This memorandum will help inform policy recommendations that you will be making in your Milestone Three assignment and in your final project, because you will be outlining changes to a departmental policy based on the public policy issue you have previously identified. Considerthefollowingscenario:Yoursupervisorneedstobeconvincedoftheneedtomakechangestoadepartmentalpolicyinyouragencyandhowthesechangeswillaffectthedifferentactorsinvolvedinthepolicy-makingprocess.Prompt: Use the Memorandum Templateto complete the assignment. In your brief, 1-page memorandum, address the following critical elements as they are reflected in the Sample Policy Memorandum. These critical elements appear as headings in that document as follows:1.IssuePresented:Inabriefone-sentencequestion,summarizetheimportanceofmakingchangestoyourselecteddepartmentalpolicyinyourcriminaljusticeagencyandhowthesechangeswillaffectthedifferentactorsinvolvedinthepolicy-makingprocess.2.ShortAnswer:Provideashortanswerthatsummarizestheconclusionofthememorandum.3.StatementofFacts:Describehowimplementingthesedepartmentalpolicychangeswillresultinmoreeffectivepolicy-making.4.Discussion:Brieflydiscussatleastonerecentexampleofadepartmentalpolicy(fromlawenforcement,thecourts,orcorrections)thathaseffectivelybeenrevisedtotakeintoconsiderationthevariouspolicyactorsinvolved.5.Conclusion:Provideaconclusionbasedontheresearchyouhavedoneandthedetailsyouhavegathered.6.Recommendations:a)Explain how thechangesyou are recommending to your departmental policy will affect other policy actors, including those in the other branches of the criminal justice system. b)Identify resistanceto the recommended changes from other policy actors who may find the changes lead to potential conflicts with their own policies or agendas. c)In making your recommendations, include elementsto your policy that, although not ideal for your department, will avoid conflictswith other policy actors and make a smoother delivery of in relation to the issue.Reference your textbook or other course readings to support your submission.