Choose two of the short stories for this week

Directions: Choose two of the short stories for this week. You should have 2 separate posts. You should write at least 200 words about each short story and use at least one direct quote (remember to integrate and parenthetically cite the quote). You should proofread and spell check your posts and write in standard, American English (no txtspk plz). You may choose any of the following prompts (or a combination or come up with your own).

Possible Prompts: Breakdown the short story or poem and explain the elements of narration, including, plot, character, setting, etc. Consider all the elements of fiction and literary devices. Try to answer some of the questions at the end of the stories/poems. Think about why the text presents certain ideas and/or why you see them. Address your reactions, feelings, observations, connections to the real world, etc. Have you done any research that is relevant to this reading?