Case Scenario – Evaluating the Program

Case Scenario – Evaluating the Program

CAM:  _________________________________Team Name: ______________________

“Sam the CAM is on the Lam” Sam the CAM won the lotto over the weekend and called in Monday from a 737 MAX to report he was on a flight to Fiji (oh-oh, has his luck finally run out?).  As the new , your Control Account has coincidentally been singled out by the USG Customer for an upcoming IBR next week (July 2011) due to concerns over the EAC being “understated”.  The Customer is also claiming that because you are behind schedule and on the (assume Critical Path TF is -60d), that concerns about further time delays are relevant. Your analyst has generated the below CPI/TCPI chart (below) so that you can see the CPI and TCPI trend relationship in conjunction with the current month’s CA data.

HINT: calculate all relevant EVM performance formulas for starters so you can assess the entire EVM data picture!  (Use the same units for all formulae)

CPIcur   è 

CPIcum è 

SPIcur   è 

SPIcum è  

Program % Complete è

TCPIeac è




  1. Using EVM metrics , what is causing the Customer concerns?
  • Is there any defense to justify the EAC and calm Customer concerns over the projected late delivery condition? (hint: “cur” data could be very relevant)
  • How would you pitch your CA situation given the limited EVM data given?