Calculate your ecological footprint using the footprint calculator located in the Readings and Resources

We all consume resources, but different behaviors can affect the environment to various extents. Calculate your ecological footprint using the footprint calculator located in the Readings and Resources. Once you have calculated your footprint, please share how many earths you would need to sustain your lifestyle. Discuss which areas ranked the highest and reflect upon why footprints in a highly developed country are higher than those in a less developed country. mines 3.8 earth

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(PDF) Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy 14th Edition | Nhã Nhã – 1) Explain why a business should seek to balance its economic, legal and social obligations. 2) How are firms recognized for their efforts to create an ethical climate? Provide examples of role model companies and what efforts they took to develop effective ethics programs. 3) Discuss the benefits and costs of globalization. Provide examples of how globalization has helped or harmed individual nations and the world economy. 4) Describe the role of government regulation and incentives, as it relates to the concept of negative externalities created by business. 5) Do you believe economic development (industrialization) helps or hurts the world? Why? 6) Is information on the Internet truly free, or should intellectual property such as copyrighted music or software be protected? What are some steps that might be taken to protect this property? 7) Since there is so much writing due this week, please post a MEME (keep it clean!) related to the reading topics from the course. For your two responses, you may comment with text or post a MEME in response to the original MEME. 8) In your opinion, what was the best thing you learned throughout this course? Why? Did anything surprise you? How will you incorporate what you learned into your professional or personal life? No references needed this week.