Business Ethics

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases

Chapter 1: The Importance of Business Ethics

Chapter 2: Stakeholder Relationships: Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance

Chapter 4: The Institutionalization of Business Ethics

For each Discussion Board, your task is to read the case or ethical issues posted, then: Look at this case from the perspective of the concept of Stakeholders, and Write your main post, providing your personal insights on the topic. Make sure you include questions you may have!

· Topic 1

Read Case 10: Google: The Drive to Balance Privacy with Profit


1. How do you see Google addressing its various stakeholders?

2. What evidence do you see to support your judgment?

· Topic 2

Read: Required chapters for this week.


1. What advantages does an organization gain by acting ethically?

2. How has the legal environment changed to place more emphasis on acting ethically?

3. In what ways are values about ethics communicated within your organization?

4. What specific guidance does your organization provide you about ethical behavior within the organization?