BUS599 Business Launch Plan: Part II

Adventure Works Marketing Plan



Launch Plan:

Part II

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Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement: Input a positioning statement below.

Remember, a positioning statement describes the specific benefits of your product or service. It also describes how your product or service addresses your target customers’ problems better than your competitors.

Marketing & Branding Checklist

What is the one thing that customers want from your product or service?

How will your business provide value to the customer?

How would you describe your brand?

What are the features of your product or service that will appeal to the target audience?

How will your marketing message convey the benefit of your product or service to potential customers?

What type of packaging will you use, and will it appeal to your target audience? (Think about how you will get your brand out there through some type of visual representation.)

What media will you use in your marketing campaign?

Sales/Prospecting Plan

What is your sales forecast (in units and/or dollars)? For nonprofits, this would be grants, donations, etc.

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Write a brief sales script (1 to 2 paragraphs) that you can use when speaking with potential clients (or nonprofit donors).

How many prospects (for nonprofits, this would include donors) will you contact per day (M-F)?

What days/hours will you devote to contacting prospects?

Customer Service Policy

Write a brief customer service policy statement (1 to 2 paragraphs) outlining your customer service policy.

Note: If you would like to tailor this assignment to better match your current business goals and position, please contact your professor to discuss.

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