BUA 3301-01: Business Communication – S 2021

BUA 3301-01: Business Communication – S 2021

Oral Presentation Assignment

Points Possible Presentation Outline and Note Card: 25

Oral Presentation: 25


The Assignment Prepare and present a 5- to 7-minute persuasive oral presentation on a topic of your choice following the AIDA model. The purpose of your presentation must be to promote a change in your audience’s attitudes, beliefs or actions.

Phase 1: Planning Consider your audience. Keep in mind that your audience is your fellow students in this class. The change you promote must be within their means whether that is physical, psychological or economic. The change must also be consistent with the ethical and moral standards of TWU.

Your presentation must be organized using the four steps in the AIDA model (see page 293 of your text).

You must provide a written outline (see page 447 for a usable model) prior to your presentation which follows this pattern:

Specific Purpose:

1) Attention Step:

2) Interest Step:

3) Desire Step:

4) Action Step:

There must be enough detail provided in each step to demonstrate that you understand the intent of each step and have adapted your information and language to accomplish that intent.

Phase 2: Writing Prepare speaking notes to use in your presentation. These notes should be on a single 4 x 6 card and turned in at the end of your presentation. This is to be an extemporaneous presentation, meaning that you may not read it from a script and it ought not sound memorized. Your focus ought to be on your ideas and your audience – not on the note card.

Phase 3: Completing You may use one visual aid or other support methods other than your body and your voice. The presentation will be judged on

1) your ability to be “you” oriented,

2) the appropriate use of a direct or indirect approach to the topic,

3) the dynamism you demonstrate as you speak to your audience, and

4) your use of the AIDA steps to achieve your goal: Your specific purpose.

Assessment Presentations shorter than 5 minutes will forfeit 5 points; presentations longer than 7 minutes will forfeit 15 points. PRACTICE IS THE KEY TO GUAGING THE LENGTH OF YOUR PRESENTATION.