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Kitchen Remodeling

BU-345 Project Management

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Contents Description / Objective 3 Scope 3 Funding 5 Project Success Criteria 5 Major Deliverables 5 Constraints 5 Assumptions 6 Acceptance Criteria 6 Milestone Schedule 6 Risks 7 Summary Budget 7 Approval Requirements 8 References 9

Description / Objective

The team is concentrating its efforts on restoring and improving the existing kitchen. This is advised to enhance the market worth of the customer’s home. As a consequence, their home will have a more modern . To complete this project successfully, our team must correctly plan and design it. We anticipate having a pleased customer and staying under or under budget once this job is finished.


When remodeling a kitchen, Foundation understands what is immediately required and what is only indirectly important. When it comes to scope, the team will only consider what is within the project’s boundaries. The criteria listed below are some examples of what is included in the scope of a kitchen remodel. Inside, the door frames and paint will be repainted to match the new kitchen, but the flooring will be replaced with new tiles. Appliances, cupboards, and worktops were all replaced (Choi et al., 2019). Although many elements are covered in the scope, certain demands may be outside the project’s scope. So, while cleaning and dusting the kitchen is not part of the job description, we may be expected to do so. Throughout the remodeling, our staff may be required to offer the family safety equipment. Packaging and unloading are not included in the project.

Project Stakeholders

Project Stakeholders – List all resources who have stake in the project success
Stakeholder Description
Project Manager Communicate with all parties involved attention to detail, and awareness of all project components. Determination in meeting deadlines and starting the project on time are also essential.
1. Customers They have last say over the design and finance because they are essentially covering the project’s costs. They also have a vision for how they want their new kitchen to look, and they will offer directions to their interior designer as well as input on the scope with their contractor.
Electrician This stakeholder appreciates understanding the kitchen remodeling blueprint in order to complete the project effectively and efficiently. To accomplish the task on time and within budget, it is important to be aware of the time frame and budget.
Inspectors They allow the remodeling of the kitchen


The project will cost about $38,000 to complete, including labor and appliances. While this figure is susceptible to change, it is a decent starting point.

Project Success Criteria

The project’s success will be assessed after collecting consumer input. The project will be considered a success if it is completed on schedule and within budget (Hong et al., 2018). We will begin with a customer’s layout, and if the finished result matches, we’ll know we did a good job.

Major Deliverables

• Fully functional kitchen

• Brand-new cabinets

• A new wall design

• New appliances

• A brand-new countertop

• Budget-related documents.


The team lacked dedication. The project office was restructured many times throughout the course of the project. Homeowners have unrealistic expectations about how the project will turn out (Granite, 2019). Subcontractors are in short supply, and communication is poor between project managers and project team members, general contractors and subcontractors, and owners and project managers.


It is assumed that the clients would have adequate funds for the whole project and there will not be any structural or more remodeling.

Acceptance Criteria

Completing the project within the scheduled period

Milestone Schedule

Summary Milestone Schedule – List key project milestones relative to project start.
Project Milestone Target Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Planning the remodeling design 01/01/2021
Obtaining funds 01/26/2021
Project goals 03/01/2021
Inspection and permits 04/01/2021
Deconstruction 05/01/2021
Project Complete 05/15/2021


High Level Rick – List high level project risk
Risk Factor Project Impact (High, Med, Low)
1. Unavailability of resources High
1. Inadequate staff Low
Less time for completing the project Low

Summary Budget

The following table contains a summary budget based on the planned cost components and estimated costs required for successful completion of the project.

Summary Budget – List component project costs
Project Component Component Cost
Personnel Resources $110,000
1. Hardware $45,000
Software and Licensing $75,000
IT Lab Preparation $15,000
Total $245,000

Approval Requirements

After an inclusive review of the prepared plans and resources, the general contractor and the clients receiving the renovation will approve the project. According to the general worker, clients must approve any modifications before they are carried out.


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Granite, F. (2019). Are Soapstone Countertops Right For Your Kitchen?| Flemington Granite. https://www.flemingtongranite.com/are-soapstone-countertops-right-for-your-kitchen/

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345 Project Management

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Kitchen Remodeling

BU-345 Project Management

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