Black Entrepreneurship History in the United States (FYE) Term Paper Assignment

Write a paper advocating a policy change that would benefit Black entrepreneurs. However, this advocacy must be based on quantitative evidence showing the historical disadvantage that must be rectified. You will need to present that demonstrates the historical disadvantage. The requirements of the paper are as follows: 1. Minimum 8 pages, not including bibliography, appendices, or title page. 2. Maximum 25 pages, including everything. 3. Garamond 12 font, 1.5 line spacing. Subtitles should be bold with one blank line preceding. 4. Use with a minimum of 10 sources. 5. 48 hours after the unit 6 live session, you must submit your paper to a peer (one will be assigned automatically) to get it proofread and receive feedback. You get points for submitting it and for providing a review. 6. Final paper will be due 24 hours after the unit 7 live session. 7. Good business reports always have an Executive Summary at the front. The core argument or points to be made should be clearly delineated in one page. The reader will then choose to continue reading the report, if additional details are needed. 8. Good business writing gets to the main point as early as possible and states it bluntly. A reader should not have to wait until the end to find out the results. Results are clearly stated; then the case to those results are made.