BHAFPX 4002 Capella University The Evolution of The Hospital Industry Presentation

BHAFPX 4002 Capella University The Evolution of The Hospital Industry Presentation


– Slide one – title page – Remember this is a presentation about the hospital industry and not healthcare in general. Put your name and title on Slide 1.

– Slide two – Purpose – Use bullet points (no periods) to state the purpose of the (which is to cover the criteria in the scoring guide). Keep it short on this slide (and remember focus is “hospital industry”)

– Slides 3-4-5, Use one for each of the time periods, 1800s, 1960’s, and Today. Use only bullet points for the slides, reference for each slide (can go beneath in notes or up on slide, your choice). Any sentences or paragraphs belong only in notes section. Only bullet points on slides. The topic for these three is the environment. The meaning of environment in this context is the “setting. What did the hospital look like and feel like for the patients? Wards, semiprivate rooms, private hospital rooms with room for guests to sleep? lighting? medical equipment? food? heating? electric? segregated? clean, dirty? furnishings? phones, televisions, internet? wifi?

Slides 6-7-8 each cover one of the time periods but the is now level of education that people had who were delivering the hospital care, and the level of care they were delivering in the hospital, based on that education.  Level of care in the hospital covers the realm of what is being done for the patient. In the 1800s, there was a lot of comfort care only in the hospital because many inventions and innovations did not exist. Do some research and bring in the evolution of level of care as such possibilities of IV, wound care, therapy, changes in nursing, lab tests, x-rays, trachea care, pulse ox monitoring, central lines, special beds, vents, administration of blood products, etc. and place these in the time frames when they became available.

Slides 9-10-11 cover the payment systems for the hospital that people had available to them. One slide to each time period. Bullet points. No periods. Paragraphs or sentences go below in notes . Each slide should have a reference. How did people pay the doctor? with some produce or meat/eggs? with insurance? private or government? charity? Remember the focus is the hospital and not healthcare in general. From the very simple time of the 1800s, the system of pay now is quite complex. Medicare was basic in the 1960s as it provided for the elderly but you can also mention it again for today’s payment system that now has links to quality for payment. Self pay was present in the 1800s and now again today for the uninsured or the privately insured who must pay whatever insurance does not. The Affordable Care Act (which is not affordable) did bring some reforms to the payment and delivery system for hospitals but now needs reforming itself. Finally there is a lot of uncompensated care that the hospital provides but must make up for that shortfall through charging others more. There is a lot of research and material to fill that final slide

Slide 12 is for conclusions (plural) that you have drawn while putting together the first three criteria. Be sure to use the literature (references) for your conclusions as well to verify your opinion.  Here is a great article about how to draw conclusions:

Slide 13 or more needed to list your references all in one place, in alphabetical order.

BHAFPX 4002 Capella University The Evolution of The Hospital Industry Presentation