Better Smiles Marketing Plan

Better Smiles Marketing Plan

You are the Marketing director for a new Health Care center in Miami. It can be a general Health Care center offering many diverse services or a specialized one e.g. a Dental care center.

Create a website ( offers free website building) which will include all the information of your new business.

Also write a paper with your Marketing plan – 5 pages min excluding the and references page/s.

Your paper must include –

  • An abstract page with a summary of your company and its services.
  • Analysis of your service/services.
  • What is the company’s Mission and Vision?
  • List how many local or national competitors are powerful and with which will your company compete against, and how?
  • How will the company differentiate its product from the competition?
  • Define your Target market and your Customer profile.

 Develop this Marketing Plan, by using Marketing Principles learned in class,   … Be creative…