ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Introduction to Hospital Epidemiology Course code: PHC231 CRN: The hypothetical data of SSI due to cesarean section is shown in the table below: Exposure Assignment title or task: SSI Yes No Physician ‘X’ 18 44 Physician ‘Y’ 12 56 30 100 1. Calculate the risk ratio using above data – 2 grades 2. Interpret the results – 1 grade 3. Discuss why we cannot calculate the risk ratio for a case-control study – 2 grades Student name: Student ID # Submission date: Instructor name: Dr. Nargis Begum Javed Grade: …. Out of 5 Guidelines: • Use this Word Document. • Complete student’s information on the first page of the document. • Start your writing from the next page (page 3) • Font should be 12 Times New Roman • Headings should be Bold • Color should be Black • Line spacing should be 1.5 • AVOID PLAGIARISM (>25% – zero grade) • Use reliable reference (References should be written in APA format) • Due date of Submission: 27th March 2021